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  1. Looking forward to the evolution that is John Pelle…💞

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  2. Very creative “introduction.”

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  3. What I love about you is that you made me smile- you are uniquely you and that is a good thing to be in a world over run w lemmings:))

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  4. Hello,

    My name is Beon. I’m an immortal, inter-dimensional, inter-galactic traveler stuck in the space-time box. My Biggest Mistake So Far was in making a non-fatal suicide attempt through a black-triangle black hole. I ended up HERE forever ago, and am desperate to return home to 7-d. My assignment, for being allowed re-entry to 7-d, is to save these Earthlings from themselves.

    Can you help?

    Beon, 7-d Expat
    from my iPhone in the Cosmo Cruiser

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  5. This is a very nice post. I’m glad I visited your page. I like it.

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  6. I’m in!!
    Looking forward to reading your energy and style!

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  7. OK! I’m interested – let’s go John! 🙂

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  8. Peace
    Thank you for the Like on my post. I read your ideas of your many visits to our World.
    I have often asks my sons: “I must have been something, somewhere, in the past, before my conception; where was that? What was that like?”

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  9. Oh yeah. That’s the right attitude. Really looking forward to your next post! Let’s go! Thanks for your like.

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  10. Thanks for liking my comment on a post. I just read about Saul requesting a postmortum visit from Samuel and what that was like.
    Evelyn if Here’s to Your Health, evelynmmaxwell.com


  11. Such a fun read! I’m in!


  12. I love that you have such a positive spirit, if only we could find a way to spread more of it across the world!
    I just recently started a blog to share my passion of photography and art with the world, and it was super scary, but now it feels freeing. Like it was the only way to truly be me. Keep sharing, its beautiful!

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