Worry less think more

Thought I’d share

I use to agonize about my grades, I use to overthink my future, I agonized about living the american dream… Then all of a sudden, life began to somehow feel extraordinarily surreal like as if my fate began to take over. I then realized these worries were turning me into someone I didn’t want to be, so I chose to worry less about those things and more about who I truly am. I’m going even further into depth mentally each and everyday. Things are beginning to modify immensely and it feels as if I’m attaining a powerful ability, abilities that are significantly uncontrollable. I lock myself away in my room where it’s dark, dark enough that I cannot even perceive my legs, feet, arms, and hands. My conjectures are driving me creatively insane, and I’m beginning to see colors swarm around the beautiful sky which causes me to be considerably inquisitive. 

Who are you? Do you even rise in the morning and ask yourself this question, or are you just another mediocre individual doing what the rest of society is doing? Not me… Not anymore, I never thought I’d be growing into the individual I am today, and that is because I paused for a second and asked myself, “what the hell are you doing?” Now I know exactly what the hell I’m going to do, I’m striving for greatness and along my journey I’d love to render wisdom, positivity, thought, happiness, and love only to uplift others who may need potency to be greater as an individual than they were yesterday. Always do what’s best for you, and that my friend is where you’ll find the truth, the truth in who you truly are… Always be yourself!

-John Pelle

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  1. If you have awaken and found your path
    Then you my friend have a journey on your hands
    Stay focused and

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  2. I love the photos as much as I love your story..

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  3. You can check out my small or short stories which I have written mate. Cheers!


  4. Lovely post…and all the photos are really nice and vibrant! 😊

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  5. Good post, it’s always good to take break from everything and think and not just go with the flow. Good on you!
    Have a great day!

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  6. Great scenes except for that ugly guy, just kidding. Knowing who you are is perhaps our most difficult journey, too many distractions. It sounds and looks like you have found “the road less travelled.”

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  7. I can’t see the photos on my phone but I love

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  8. I love your writing and depth, awesome share.


  9. You’re awesome, John Pelle. I have a friend who “crashed” into you more or less, I mean, she took you to task a little bit. but she took some pause later, as it stuck with her… and now she has a gratitude journal… it’s real different from your way of getting around, but she said you managed to change everything for her with one of your posts and she actually owes you. Thinking about what she’s grateful for everyday, and staring the day in the face to do it, coulda been advice from anyone, but I think you had the right timing.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Oh and I’m loving the fashion pics. 🙂


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  10. I think you are right the problem with majority is that they spend more of their time worrying rather than thinking.If we start giving more time for thinking,I bet it will be easy for us to reach our goal and this world will be a peaceful place.

    Thanks for telling your story it really enlightens us.

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    • Exactly I totally agree, in order to find a solution to anything we must proceed to think until we figure out the issue. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I’m sorry I’ve been lacking on the posts I’m working on constructing better posts and superior outfits. Always be yourself, and try your hardest to seek happiness 🙂


  11. Love this post. I love your entire blog, it makes me feel positive and renewed. Thank you.


  12. Love reading your post. Can’t wait to see what’s up next. Your photo are great btw😌 !!

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  13. This article is really good, its really good how you can let go easy, and have not worries 😊


  14. I love. I just put up a writing on my site sort of relating to this. Maybe when you get the chance you can go check it out. It’s called “Elevation means Separation”


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