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Hello my happy readers! For some reason this morning I felt positive vibes emanating from the ceiling in my room, while I sat up in my bed with the broadest smile on my face that one could ever imagine. This day is exceedingly special, just like every other day is, simply because I get to do the things that I love to do, like holding the door open for others, giving my seat on the train or bus for the elderly, disabled, or pregnant women, or even engaging in great conversations with complete strangers. When I began to practice these random acts of kindness to the fullest extent, I began to consciously be aware that it assisted me in feeing increasingly positive and accepting of who I am, which further led me to feel total comfort.

Have you ever been afraid to do something because you’re anxious of what people might think of you? Well if so, that makes the two of us! In all of my posts I never forget to say: “Always be yourself”. The reason I do this is to remind myself and my readers to be aware of how special we all are as individuals. Don’t ever get the impression that you have to impress the next person. Always remember that if an individual loves you, they’ll love you for who you truly are, and not for what you are or what you have

You have always got to believe in yourself, and in what you want to do, or in what you are doing already.  When you act on things you believe in, life feels as if it has a greater purpose. Whatever you love is what you’ll be best at; it’s also what you’ll be able to pour your heart, mind, and soul into. The fact of the matter is that whatever you love is what you want, and what you want is what you must have- as long as it’s good for you, and it doesn’t detract from the next person. Don’t ever let anyone deter you from doing what you love most, because whatever you sincerely love to do will love you in return.

Perceive your life as a journey, look into the future, for it’s truly bright! Feel the breeze and within the breeze is a message for you to beat the odds. Don’t be petrified due to the appearances of negativity and complex issues along your journey; look over towards the positives. See the best in all case scenarios and believe that you’re capable of being the best you can be. You have a special gift that is awaiting to be unwrapped by you for all the world to see. Today is a turning point for you, because I truly believe you will do what you believe is best for you and you will also be who you truly are. I believe in you!  Chase your dreams…Ciao! 

-Creative Scientist



I use colors to represent my mood, and I’m feeling positive vibes more than ever! I feel joyful, cheerful, delightful, optimistic, confident, happy, and so on. Because of my mood I decided to throw on a sweater that would attract a whole lot of attention. The sweater is an attention-getting piece because of the multi-colored horizontal stripes.  This multiplicity also gives me a broader option on the color of socks I chose. Socks always give the outfit the finishing touch and also allows for additional creative expression in styling. I wanted to be extra unique, so instead of putting on jeans, I put on neutral colored slacks to make the sweater more eye-popping. I love the shoes. They are very stylish and can match any style you could think of.IMG_5707IMG_5827IMG_5529IMG_5659IMG_5789IMG_5729IMG_5796IMG_5712IMG_5527IMG_5561

If you enjoy these posts and they have meaning to you please be sure to reblog and share them so that others can enjoy them and be positively influenced as well.  Share with others, love others, and remember to give a helping hand! The world wouldn’t be as significant in the universe as it is today if it weren’t for the individuals who love it enough in order to change it. 

Please feel free to comment. Thank you for your time, and there will be more motivational and inspirational words here on my blog. And remember to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF, John Pelle.

Sweater: Salvation Army

Pants: Salvation Army

Shoes: Thrift Store

Hat: Salvation Army



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  1. Can I just tell you, I appreciate you sourcing for your clothing at stores like Salvation Army and Thrift Stores. I personally get most of my kids clothing at secondhand children’s stores and garage sales and I think they are pretty stylish kids!

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  2. Love yourself and others will love you. Nice write up

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  3. That’s just the right way to lower our anxiety.
    “The random acts of kindness”
    I agree 🙂
    Nicely written..


  4. Very well written post, simple and yet straight to the point. Small acts of kindness takes us a long way don’t they? And as you say, makes us feel good about ourselves.

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  5. Become a scientist…

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  6. yan a’re a good artist man!.


  7. On behalf of every woman who has ever been pregnant I would like to say that you are a true gentleman. It is heartening to see people thinking of others; acts of kindness are contagious. I love the clothes also!

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  8. Great style! Love your carefree attitude 🙂

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  9. man i thought your insta feed was unique and dope so i threw a click on the link in your bio. its really refreshing to see somebody who’s killing the fashion game, but at the same time remaining grounded and exhibiting warmth and benevolence to others. too many people – myself included – seem to get wrapped up in cold and selfish thought patterns as they get into fashion and all its relevant lifestyles (music, fame, wealth, etc). it makes plenty of sense; to step up your image you must focus on yourself, but often this leads us into a slippery slope of focusing more and more on ourselves and our image, and focusing less and less on the people around us. it makes our good characteristics suffer, and what makes us who we are as individuals can begin to change for the worse.

    you’re really one of the few dudes i’ve come across who breaks that generality and i just wanted to applaud you for doing you. you’ve got a seriously dope aesthetic and an even better mindset. best wishes for you and your future bro, always keep the picture as fresh as its painter.

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    • Thank you so much I appreciate your kind words it really touches me to know there are people actually reading… It isn’t in my soul to be selfish or cold, I keep morals in mind 24/7 and practice virtue which is a craft I prefer to perfect. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy the rest to come…


  10. You truly are a positive person…..I thank you for your positive words. After going through obstacles in life…..I appreciate your wisdom…..much love

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