Happiness Is In Style!


If this is your first time visiting my blog then welcome to the family; if not welcome back to the family! 

I’d like you to answer a question for yourself:  what is it that you think is imperative for each and every individual to acquire in life, besides physical resources? Well, for myself, I think it’s HAPPINESS that is extremely vital for each and everyone to obtain. Happiness is like water, fruits, and vegetables: ITS GOOD FOR YOU! Unfortunately for them, some individuals can’t perceive any reasons to be happy. But the reality is that there are many reasons for happiness, and, if you want to be happy you must be more attentive to all the positive, loving, and significant matter that surrounds you, whether it is visible to the naked eye or not. 

I will give you three obvious reasons to be happy.  First of all is the Opportunity that you have each and every day to be, to do, and to have what you want. Without Opportunity, there is no way possible anyone can reach or set any objectives in life. In order to take advantage of Opportunity we must first wake and rise in the morning. Sometimes we all can be very selfish and ungrateful by not acknowledging the fact that we’ve woken up this morning with yet another Opportunity to do what we have not done the previous day. 

Secondly, you must Remember with consistency the the things that you’ve already accomplished.  Whether it’s an immense or a diminutive accomplishment it’s still an accomplishment, and it still counts as your being successful. It doesn’t matter what it is, you still succeeded.  What you’ve accomplished could be something that someone else has always wanted to accomplish, but was unable to.  Be sure to Remember that particular moment, and give yourself some well-deserved credit. You’ve done it, be HAPPY and think about what you want to accomplish next.

Thirdly, you’re alive yet another day, so practice GRATITUDE! Did you have water today? Did you eat dinner with your family? Well if not at least you’re able to live and breathe deeply of the oxygen which surrounds us, and is so vital to life (which, by the way, is completely free!)  Be happy and always express your GRATITUDE! Without food, water, oxygen, or any other natural resources we wouldn’t be at all!  The mere fact that you’re alive should be enough motivation for you to express your GRATITUDE, and to be happy. And if you should reach a tough point in life, as we all do, it is never the end of the world.  Things always get better and the sun will appear each and everyday-without you even asking! How great is that.  

Great things are about to happen for you.  Believe it and they’ll arrive sooner than you think.

-Creative Scientist



As you can see, my style has a different look today.  When I put this look together, I was remembering the extraordinary conversations I had with my grandfather as a child many years ago.  He would always remind me to be keen, physically and mentally.


Today I decided to mix green and beige together. As I put this look together I was joyfully imagining a vacation on a beautiful island. Don’t we all enjoy vacations? I thought of the sun faithfully shining on the sky blue water, the beige sand, and the tropical trees and that’s how I conceived the idea for this casual look.IMG_6580

You have to wear what you feel comfortable wearing, but most importantly what you feel confident in. Putting together comfortable looks that can be worn with confidence is why I enjoy fashion!  You must have the courage to  perform your work optimally, and for me, the military green pants inspires courage, because it makes me think of the men and women who are serving in the armed forces to secure our safety and future. IMG_6526

I love skinny ties.  They’re so appealing, and they give me a dapper, modern look, which is a great detailing point to the whole outfit. The cardigan I’m wearing match my shoes and hat. But it also keeps me warm, it’s very comfortable, and extremely stylish.  This is a winning look that inspires my confidence and I can’t help but to win at whatever I do while wearing it.IMG_6545IMG_6449IMG_6764IMG_6757IMG_6726IMG_6630IMG_6656

If you enjoy these posts and they have meaning to you please be sure to reblog and share them so that others can enjoy them and be positively influenced as well. Please feel free to comment. Thank you for your time, and there will be more motivational and inspirational words here on my blog. And remember to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF, John Pelle.

Cardigan: Ralph Lauren

Pants: Thrift Store

Shoes: Thrift store

Socks: Target

Hat: Target

Tie: Vintage

Shirt: Zara



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  1. What a great reminder to look at the positives in life! Loved this post!

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  2. love the title of this post; and love yo style! :):):)

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  3. getmakeupforfree October 21, 2015 — 8:01 pm

    Wow, I love that some of your clothes are from the thrift store!!!!! Love it!!!!

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  4. Great work brother!! I love your perspective of happiness, I believe the mere Invision of ones own happiness is the complete reciprocal of what there life entails of their own happiness.

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  5. Reblogged this on crowdCONNX and commented:
    A good write about the importance of happiness.

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  6. Ur outfit so cool……. I always like this kind of shoes…… and article is so inspiring with so many happy and positive rays…… sources can be various in number but feeling of happiness is infinite

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  7. Great post! And love your outlook on life. Happiness is a choice; you have the power, not your circumstances, over whether you are happy or not. Thanks for the great reminder 🙂

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  8. I think the mural shot is my favorite, lookin’ keen, grandpa would be proud! I think loving ourselves unconditionally leads to happiness in every part of our life. If we can love the parts of ourselves we wish weren’t there as what makes us whole and human, we’re there! Great post.

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  9. Great post! Very interesting

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  10. Happinessssssss! Yes! Gratitude! Most definitely! Very wise words!!!
    Loving the outfit 🙂

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  11. Designing and making things makes me happy. Like socks and sweaters. I like your socks, but I’ll bet they are not 100 percent natural fibers, if they came from Target.

    Also, I beg to differ on the military question. We would all be better off if those troops were home being paid to repair the broken infrastructure. Green is actually the color of life, not the military. The military chooses green so it can hide in the woods.

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  12. What a wonderful positive post with excellent writing! I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

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  13. Great post, Kevin!
    I’m new to blogging and your posts have definitely served as an inspiration. Keep up the good work 🙂

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  14. Reblogged this on yourstrulyuncensored and commented:
    Job well done. 🙂

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  15. You are absolutly right! People have forgotten, to be thankful for the easy things in life. Today all thinking is about money, about what you own, what your job is, how you live and so on. Fortunately there are some people, who have an other opinion. By the way, I had to smile about the different socks on your pics… 😉

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  16. I’m inspired already :~) thanks for sharing. Sending tropical happiness from Papua New Guinea.

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  17. Thanks CS :)!! Too true.

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  18. Wow what a deep read for the evening. I don’t think I’ve been that conscious well since I don’t know when . It very much allegory in the cave. This is quite a surprising read as my attention was drawn to our conscious the other day and how it how God speaks to us. What a good read for a society rushing through life not even know what part they are playing in it.

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  19. Cool outfit!! This is a post to be read!

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  20. I shop at Goodwill and The Salvation Army for almost everything. They looked almost like new.

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  21. I love your personal and fashion vibe – it’s infectious! 🙂


  22. Damn, amazing style! Wish my boyfriend is more adventurous with his style like you!

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